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• 11. What if I do not fall under the 29 in demand occupation, will I still qualify? (POL)
   Yes, you are still qualified to apply.  Your next option would be to try to secure an offer of ...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 12. Will a close relative in Canada help in any way?
   Yes.  Close relative gives you additional 5 points under adaptability. Immediate relative is co...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 13. What is Provincial Nominee Program?
   Most provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada that allows them to nominat...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 14. Is IELTS required for the PNP program?
   IELTS is not required for PNP program....
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 15. How to qualify under the PNP program?
   Most of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is employer driven program, and it requires a job offer...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 16. How long is the processing time for family sponsorship?
   Please be guided by the following:Living outside of CanadaSpouse, common - law partner or dependent ...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 17. I am a Permanent Resident of Canada; can I still sponsor my spouse or parent even though I am living outside Canada?
   No, you have to be living in Canada when sponsoring spouse or parents unless you are a Citizen alrea...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 18. Can I sponsor my siblings?
   Not all provinces can sponsor siblings. Basically you can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner or...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 19. If the application to sponsor my parents is in process, can they get Canadian visitor visas?
   Yes. They are allowed to visit Canada while their sponsorship is in process, as long as they are abl...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21

• 20. If we are not living together can we apply as a couple?
   Conjugal relationships or partners who are not living together are not accepted to apply under the F...
   Last Update : 2011-10-21